Types Of Wood Used To Make Indian Wood Furniture

Wood is a common material for making furniture in India, and there are a number of wood types from different kinds of trees. These vary from hardwood or softwood, and also have different feels and texture, making them applicable to different items of furniture. These areas explained below.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood comes from a tropical hardwood from the red mahogany tree. The timber is reddish-brown with a straight grain texture, with its dark brown color darkening with age. Mahogany wood has no voids or pockets, making it perfect for creating cabinets and tables. It’s a major source of Indian wood furniture.

Bamboo wood

This wood comes from the bamboo trees, which grow in shrubs. It’s mostly used for roofing, and also for rafters and temporary bridges. Its main characteristic is its flexibility, strength, and durability.

Teak wood

Just like Mahogany, teak wood is brownish red in color. It has a number of important characteristics which make it more preferable, such as its considerable fire resistance, and also resistance to termites that destroy wood. Being a valuable timber, it’s only used in superior works only.

Sisoo wood

This wood is also dark brown in color. It’s most notably one of the strongest and toughest among the other woods in India, due to its tightly packed particles, which makes it particularly difficult to work with, when complicated designs are required. This toughness works to its advantage, since it is very durable as compared to the rest, and best suited for constructing strong structures such as bridge piles and railway sleepers.


Pinewood is cut from pine trees, which are easily found in India and also a common occurrence around the world. Generally, pine wood is considered tough and hard, with the exception of the white pine species. It is mostly used to make patterns, due to its coarse grain aspect. Its other uses include door and window frames and the making of material used for paving. The white pine can be used for making matchsticks, due to its light nature and ease of combustion.

Mulberry wood

Mulberry wood is cut from the mulberry tree. Due to its elastic and tough nature, it’s preferred for making items that need curves such as constructing baskets and hockey sticks, due to its ease of carving. It’s also impressively tough making it a durable option.

Mango tree wood

Like the name suggests, this wood is cut from mango trees. It is a new source of wood, though manufacturers are increasingly favoring it over most famous timber sources. This is due to its advantages, such as ease of maintenance and relatively easy sustainability. It is a hardwood, which is strong and dense, with a golden brown deep color with black streaks which make it highly fashionable.

Despite it being a hardwood, it has a very soft texture, which makes it among the easiest wood to work with.

Indian wood furniture has grown in demand, not only in India but in the whole of Europe. This is easily attributed to the use of these kinds of wood.