County Lake Protection

For more than 25 years, Take A Stake in the lake has been committed to protecting our lake in Dane County. Not only the lake but the surrounding beauty and natural habitat

We organize events to collect money. Some of the events we had in the past are listed below

Stream keeper workday (corporate social responsibility day) This event was possible thanks to They have donated some small boats for the day.

Shoreline cleanup (this is done monthly) Do not forget to wear outdoor clothing, can get very cold and wet. Safety shoes is an important piece of clothing and thick sock.

Garlic Mustard pull – (sponsored by Madison Area Weed Warriors)

Burning the Cherokee area (wear protective clothing, must be fireproof) The fire brigade has been kind enough to donate some safety hats and gloves.

Lighting and Architecture event – Every year, a professional architect joins us for the day to give some interior design insights. Price for the event is just $35 for the full day including a buffet lunch.


Capitol water trails and Dane County. These trails are simply awesome. You can also get your camping gear and sleep overnight. We have bbq’s and light a nice camp fire. Don’t forget to bring lots of water and mosquito repellant.

All Volunteers are welcome to join us. Thanks.